Think Project

The Think Project is an educational programme which has been devised by the Ethnic Youth Support Team in Swansea and delivered across Wales. Initially funded by Welsh Government and the Big Lottery Innovation Fund, it has proved to be an innovative and effective way of increasing young people’s understanding of diversity issues and increasing their resilience to far-right extremism. The Think Project uses innovative methodology including experiential learning and open dialogue to engage with vulnerable young people on difficult and contentious topics. Delivered by highly skilled and engaging tutors, the 3 day course covers identity, human rights, asylum, different types of immigration, citizenship and religious and political extremism, including far-right.

“It's opened my eyes, I see everything differently now… I always used to be bit racist, I’m not gonna lie, and I know that’s bad, I’m not proud, but I’ve always had those thoughts in my head. But this has just educated me, and I’ve got to admit I’m a changed person after this course” - Think Project Participant

The project has been shown to be highly effective in challenging and changing negative attitudes towards diversity, and increasing resilience to far-right ideology. With far-right support on the increase, the project has been highly acclaimed across the UK and Europe, with a report on the project by Professor Ted Cantle (Institute for Community Cohesion) and Professor Paul Thomas (Huddersfield University) being launched in the House of Commons. The Think Project works. We are now interested in collaborating with relevant partners to increase awareness of our successful approach and to effectively reach more young people who may be vulnerable to far right extremism.