Getting Involved

Think for Young People

Get the Think Project Educational Programme for your young people –available as a 3 day programme, or we are happy to consider other delivery arrangements to suit your needs. See our Training Services or Contact Us.

Think for Professionals/ Organisations

Get Think training for your staff, colleagues or for yourself. We have a range of courses, from half-day to two-day programmes, suitable for a range of needs, from introductory awareness-level to train-the-trainer practitioner courses.

Your organisation can also become a licensed Think Project Provider, becoming part of EYST’s network of licensed Think providers, receiving ongoing support and quality assurance from us. See our Training Services or Contact Us.

You/ your organisation can also join our Practitioners for Open Dialogue - this is a network of practitioners from organisations working around the UK who are advocating a new approach to talking about and challenging racism based on open dialogue, rather than closing down debate.  Contact Us for more information.

Volunteer with Think

We are always looking for Volunteers who can help us to spread our message of acceptance and understanding. We would particularly welcome volunteers from BME, refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds who are willing to speak about themselves and their experiences to groups of Think programme participants. Contact Us

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