Bespoke Interventions

What is it?

We can tailor any of our training offers to suit your individual or organisational needs.
As an example, we can offer the Think Project educational programme on a one-to-one basis for young people with higher needs. Alternatively, your organisation may wish to consider buying a package of our training, combining the young people educational programme with professional training for maximum impact and sustainability.

Example cost of a package

One 3 day training programme for 10 vulnerable young people = £2500
One 2 day train-the-trainer programme for 5 staff = £1250
Total costs £3750 (excluding accreditation and licensing)

Who is it for?

We will consider any request and will aim to offer a creative and flexible solution to meet your needs as an individual, department or organisation.

How can I access it?

All options will be considered and we will work out the fees based on our usual training costs. Contact us for more information and a discussion of your requirements.

“THINK has proved invaluable to our local Prevent and Channel Project work by challenging Racist / Right wing attitudes held by impressionable and vulnerable young people."