Partner Testimonials

"THINK is a very effective scheme, it has proved invaluable to our local Prevent and Channel Project work. It has done this by challenging Racist / Right wing attitudes held by impressionable and vulnerable young people. THINK has consistently reduced the vulnerability of the young people who have taken part in the project."

Pat Nolan – South Wales Police Prevent Officer

‘Think Project’ is essential for challenging some of the deepest held prejudices held by some young people in our care. It’s an important tool which we can use when necessary, to educate young people to be responsible global citizens. The delivery was professional and engaging and the pupils came away with a changed outlook on life. The impact on these young people is immeasurable.”

Dianne Hockenhull, Assistant Headteacher, Bishop Gore School

“The UK and Europe need more strong, tested methodologies like those employed by the Think Project. Myth-busting is notoriously difficult to do, and it is all too often that work to challenge racism ends up pushing those with prejudiced views further into their beliefs, or simply preaches to the choir. The Think Project is one of the only initiatives in Britain that works to listen to and hear young people’s real or perceived grievances, and challenge them in a safe environment. The staff at the Think Project are bold and courageous, and have an incredible ability to open honest dialogue and build trust, while also standing resolutely in their own beliefs. This is the winning combination. It isn’t just about telling kids the facts; it’s about giving them an experience that undermines their prejudices, and has the power to completely reshape their views on diversity.”

Vidhya Ramalingam, Fellow – Far-Right Extremism and Intolerance, Institute for Strategic Dialogue