Key Messages

Key Messages

The Think Project is transformational - it can transform the way young people understand the world around them.

It has a proven track record and has become an essential resource to help young people understand those around them, come to terms with change, and debate real and contentious issues affecting them.

It is timely with the ever growing influence of social media and extreme political views, the Think Project helps to counter the simplistic ‘solutions’ peddled by Far Right, religious and other extremists,  who can even make violence sound attractive to vulnerable young people searching for a clear way forward.

Statutory Duty

Schools, community groups, health and all other public services are now under a new statutory duty – to safeguard people from extremism.  There is a need to intervene and provide young people with the critical thinking skills and resilience to rebuff the lure of extremism. This is not an easy task and is just as easy to get wrong as to get right. 

Approved and Available

The Think Project has been externally evaluated, widely endorsed and is available to be delivered by our or your trained professionals who can relate to young people on their own terms, in which they are allowed – and encouraged – to say what they really think. But it is also a demanding programme, in which these ‘dangerous conversations’ challenge their stereotypes and prejudices, and fundamentally change their ideas.

The Think Project can help you to meet your new obligations, but much more importantly it can help to change the lives of young people and help them succeed in an ever-changing world in which we all have to learn to live together.